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Welcome and Hello From Alex Montgomery

About Me

I'm Alex Montgomery

#7 Best personal trainer in Exeter

#5 Years Experience

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BSc (hons)

In Sport and Exercise Science

MSc (hons)

In Physiotherapy

Level 3

In Personal Training

Level 3

In Exercise Referral

This is Alex Montgomery Health & Lifestyle, a bespoke personal training service for those wishing to make a lifestyle change in the Exeter region.

I help lots of individuals improve their health, gain confidence and positively impact their lives. I do this through tailored training programmes. With every client I take on, we agree various goals and expectations and build our strategy around what’s best for them.

My clients come with a large variety of goals including weight management, increasing strength, increasing muscle mass, improved flexibility, improved endurance, toning, training for an event or sport and exercise for health problems.


My journey came about from an increasing curiosity with how the body works. From there I learned to apply this knowledge to myself to benefit my sporting performance, health and wellness as best I could. I continue to reach new levels of sporting performance despite not achieving the elite level within my sport.


I started Alex Montgomery Health & Lifestyle in 2018 not long after graduating from university. I've always had a passion for health and fitness Having worked in a fitness environment as part of my degree and seeing the impact my work could have. This changed how I approached exercise, I was hooked and started reading more research articles in order to develop my methods. I soon looked to complete my personal training qualifications so that I could work with more people.

Having achieved small success with friends I was set on making a difference within the local community of Exeter, this is where I joined Westbank. Westbank provided Individual gym-based group programmes for those with medical conditions or injuries with the aim of improving health and independence to their lives. Spending time at Westabank allowed me to develop a specialist skillset allowing me to better tailor exercise plans taking into account a vast variety of medical conditions including hypertension, COPD, obestity, osteoporosis, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, lower back pain, depression and anxiety.

As time has gone on and my services have grown, so have my clients. Today, Alex Montgomery Health & Lifestyle help ambitious individuals of all ages and fitness needs.

It’s been quite a ride, but it's never done. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing clients grow and knowing I've been a big part in achieving that.

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I've helped my first ever client reduce their bodyweight from borderline obese to a healthy weight. This changed their life and i've been hooked achieving that sort of impact. The buzz I get from seeing a client’s reaction to smashing their milestones is a feeling like no other. Personal training is my passion and focus because I've seen what it can do for people and their lives. I believe we never stop learning as individuals and I for one am always willing to go that extra mile to continue to develop my knowledge within the health and fitness industry.

That’s why it’s my goal to be one of the most established personal trainers in Exeter.

My values are that I want to make a difference to the local community in order to promote and improve health and wellbeing of the population. I feel I act with compassion and integrity. I respect and value every individual equally in order to improve their health and wellbeing. I am always seeking to learn and improve myself.

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