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Alex is very easy to approach and really supportive. Alex gave me the motivation to start exercising after covid and having not exercised for years. Alex was always available for support when i needed it and helped me change my lifestyle.June 4, 2021


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About Alex Montgomery Health & Lifestyle

As a local personal trainer at Alex Montgomery Health & Lifestyle I look to:

  •  Deliver personalised effective programmes that helps you grow

  • Strive to improve lives through exercise training to those that are within the Exeter region

  • Be in-trusted by anyone looking to make a healthier life change  

  • Deliver the best possible results for your desired health and fitness goals

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The Alex Montgomery Health & Lifestyle App lets you stay updated on the go. Keep track of all your health and fitness goals, complete any task set for you and stay in contact with 2-way messaging. 

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Personal Training Services In Exeter

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Personal Training Exeter

Bespoke one-to-one personal training sessions in the Exeter area to meet your health and fitness needs. Your own personal fitness coach.

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Group Personal Training Exeter

Want to train with your partner or friend? Try tailored group personal training sessions in Exeter to meet your needs.

Are You In Need Of A Personal Trainer? 

  • In England alone 8.9 million people take part in fitness activities each week.

  • 55% of gym users admit they are unsure on what to do at the gym

  • 23% of gym users feel too embarrassed to ask for help

    (Nuffield Health, 2018)

How can you achieve your desired health and fitness goals if you're left ‘making up’ your exercise routine? Why should you be left feeling ‘largely clueless’ about how to work out effectively?​ This situation can quite easily lead to a loss in motivation, wasting precious time, money and more importantly still leave you where you started.

Why should you get a personal trainer?

  • Allows you to have tailored and structured sessions for your individual needs.


How can you be ready to change?

  • Being informed,

  • Becoming educated

  • Get support and guidance in the right direction.

Unsure If I'm the right person for you?

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